Being attentive to the needs of its clients led the firm Feliciano Communications to evolve beyond corporate communications, to delve into the provision of services to health professionals, and which outlines transcending the borders of the Island.

Thus was born the company High Education Health, which develops continuing education programs for professionals in the health industry, informed Nelly Feliciano Cintrón, president of both corporations.

It was originally created as a division of Feliciano Communications that was dedicated to the coordination and production of corporate continuing education events, such as symposia or conferences, at the request of medical associations or components of the pharmaceutical industry that already received corporate communications services from the company. , public relations, advertising, promotion and marketing.

With this experience, Feliciano said that "since 2015 we started to create our own events, based on the needs that the doctors themselves tell us."

In June 2016, that event production division became a new corporation, High Education Health. "We create and produce activities of high educational quality and there we try to offer at least 16 hours credit to doctors and other health professionals," said Feliciano.

"The fundamental objective is that the patient benefits. In addition to the Government of Puerto Rico requires these professionals, for the renewal of their licenses, to take certain hours of continuing education, "he explained.

Among the activities that he works or has worked for other entities are the Puerto Rico Cancer Conference, the Association of Radio Oncologists of Puerto Rico, and the Annual Convention of the Southern Medical Academy.

Meanwhile, the company organizes its own events, among them an intensive session of Compulsory Courses for Physicians, in which during three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) offers 22 credit hours on topics that the doctors require the Licensing and Discipline Board Medical to renew the license to work on the Island. These activities take place three times a year in the metropolitan area and twice annually in the western area, she said.
It also offers symposiums on Legal Aspects in the Practice of Medicine and other topics that help doctors improve patient care and the administration of their offices, in light of the regulatory changes that may arise. These work in the metro and western areas under the Academy of Physicians and Other Health Professionals of High Education Health, whose curriculum focuses on training human resources in medical offices.

She reported that all courses offered at High Education Health events are accredited because they work through entities such as the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico and the Ponce Health Sciences University (formerly Ponce School of Medicine ), among others, so that the doctors can submit the evidence to the Government and renew their professional license. The company, which has three employees, recruits experts to deliver the lectures.

Apart from the courses, the company has Konection MD, a service in which High Education Health staff assists health professionals in the process of renewing their licenses and other documents and procedures required to operate their offices.

Feliciano stressed that all these new offers have been key in the growth of the turnover of their companies as a whole during the past year, which he estimated has been between 20% and 25%.

Beyond the 100 x 35

In addition to organizing "from scratch" educational events, the company offers promotional and telemarketing services to activities organized by its customers. This is how the Medcan Foundation, a US entity that provides medical cannabis education seminars to health professionals, lawyers and the general public in Texas, Florida, Arkansas and Puerto Rico with their Medcan Academy of Cannabis Science.

"We are helping them by being here your guide in the market of Puerto Rico so that your symposiums are successful," said Feliciano. "Based on the experience they have seen that we have, we will accompany them in the United States."

He indicated that they already have several clients, to whom they will offer services of promotion, telemarketing and management of accreditations of courses in English and Spanish to doctors and other health professionals in the United States, mainly in Florida. They started this month to serve that market, said the professional with more than 20 years in the field of communications.

He said that the hundreds of Puerto Rican doctors who have emigrated to the United States in recent years have served as a bridge to that market. "There are many doctors in Orlando who have their license from Puerto Rico and want to keep it," he said.

In his opinion, the growth of the business has taken place, even in the midst of a wave of migration that has taken doctors and nurses out of the country, for one reason: "You have to be ready to listen to the needs of the client. Our success has been listening to customers and they have led us to diversify."

Translated from a publication at EL NUEVO DÍA, May 14, 2017 by Ruth N. Tellado Domenech

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